I have had knee pain for 7+ years.  I have found acupuncture has helped the pain.  What I would say to a friend or family member who is curious about acupuncture care is that it isn’t painful, a main concern of mine before I had my first treatment.  In my course of treatment, it has pleased me most that I have felt totally relaxed and able to fall asleep at the appointment.  It is definitely worth a try to help your body heal in a natural way.

Years ago in hopes of dealing with allergies, pain and stiffness, a medical doctor (who is also a dear friend) suggested that I might want to consider acupuncture.  However being somewhat of a skeptic and busy with my family and our weekly routines, I never sought treatment to address the problems I was experiencing with my sinuses, joints, and circulation.  However, learning that a well known fertility doctor was referring one of my family members to an acupuncturist as part of her regimen to become pregnant, I decided to entertain the possibility that acupuncture might provide for me a new outlook toward wellness.  I made an appointment at Bai Shen in Belmont.  This decision has proven to be a wonderful one!  I am now please to report that I have reduced pain, stiffness and allergy symptoms!

“After a lot of loss in a short amount of time, I couldn’t handle things and the medications were not working. By redirecting the energy in my body, I am able to function normally again. Even though I have a fear of needles, it was amazing how much better I felt. It is like having a doctor and therapist at the same time. Since starting I have been able to cut down my bad habits. If it wasn’t for Shari, I would not be here today. After everything that had happened, I was ready to check out on life. She is a miracle worker.”

“After years of unsuccessfully trying to start a family I was diagnosed with infertility. Because of my specific medical issues we were told our only chance at having a baby was to try in-vitro fertilization and even then the odds weren’t great. While doing research on IVF I noted many people had incorporated acupuncture into their treatment plan. I began going to see Shari about a month before our first round of IVF. She was so kind, always asking how I was doing before each session and taking my answers into consideration when deciding on my treatment for that day. She took all the information I was giving her in how I felt physically and emotionally as well as what part of my IVF phase I was in and used it to give me the best treatment possible. Receiving acupuncture from Shari helped relax and calm me during a very stressful 8 weeks and I believe it helped treat my infertility. In October of last year we welcomed two very healthy babies into our family. My doctors commented that I had an ideal twin pregnancy, which is something I also attribute to my sessions with Shari. I had no morning sickness, no medical concerns and was able to carry them full term; all of which I believe came from my body being in a balance state through acupuncture. I would highly recommend Shari to anyone wanting to see how acupuncture can help heal!”

“What has pleased me most is the lifting of long-standing fatigue. Acupuncture has significantly improved my overall sense of well being. It has also brought stability to long-standing back/hip pain and weakness. I know that along with her technical skills and knowledge that it is Shari’s intuitive listening ability that has shaped my treatment and brought me great benefit. To someone who is curious, I would tell them that it is non-invasive. It will improve your energy level. You will feel brighter and you will feel calmer and centered.”

“I tried acupuncture 20 years ago in New Jersey on the recommendation of a friend. Treatment for a headache that had lasted for days produced remarkable results. I simply could not believe it worked. During the past years I’ve had relief from aching knees, back, neck, hip, allergies, sore toe, stress, anxiety, and cancer treatment. Don’t be afraid of needles. I may not understand how it works, but it is safe and hygenic…and it works for me! I have been astonished at the pain relief I have experienced with so many parts of my body! And then, there’s my soul. Acupuncture is a spiritual experience for me. My radiation oncologist felt that the acupuncture helped me to get along well with 5 weeks of radiation to the eyelid. When I moved to Belmont, I was delighted to find Bai Shen Acupuncture.”

“Acupuncture has given me my life back. Having been diagnosed with neurocardio syncope 3 years ago, I was unable to function. Driving and standing for any length of time was prohibited. Eating without near fainting was challenging. Acupuncture has balanced my autonomic nervous system as well as my hormones. I now eat, stand and drive normally! I encourage anyone to try an alternative path to health through acupuncture. Unlike mainstream medicine, acupuncture offers solutions without invasive procedures, tests or pills and you will feel great after a treatment. I love the support and encouragement of trying a new approach in my life especially learning new ways to eat, especially avoiding allergenic foods and new ways to relax through exercise and meditation. My husband is a physician who believes in the positive results of acupuncture because he lives with a patient, his wife, who is proof of the result!!”

“I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2012. Somewhat exited that I finally had a diagnosis, so tired of feeling bad. My lupus doctor started my treatment/therapy which consisted of a handful of prescription drugs (about 9-12 depending on the day) and about $1200/month in med costs. Only to feel worse. Desperate for relief, a friend suggested acupuncture. Skeptical, I booked an appointment with “Dr.” Shari at Bai Shen Acupuncture. After the first treatment, I felt a little relief. With a regiment of treatments for about 3 months, I started to eliminate my prescription drugs one by one. I’ve been going to “Dr.” Shari for almost a year and I am happy and relieved to say I am not under any influence of prescription drugs. Yes, I still have Lupus, but I am enjoying my life without all the drug hangovers and less lupus “flare-ups”. I see “Dr.” Shari every 2 to 3 weeks. I cant imagine not having acupuncture in my arsenal to fight anything that comes my way. #acupuncture for life”

“Receiving acupuncture after major back surgery with screws, rods, shims, stretching of the interior muscles. Acupuncture has improved my posture (I can stand up straight), my flexibility, and my walking. I seem to improve with each visit. I look forward to my visits. I have always found them to be friendly and pleasant. My wife and one of my neighbors are in the process of filling out pre appointment forms, and scheduling appointments.”

“I have had stomach problems for years. Conventional treatments & meds have had limited success. I met with Shari & tried the first treatment May 2011. I have had great results from the treatments. We have also started dealing with age related issues. Things are great. I am feeling much better; sleeping & with increased energy. And no stomach/intestional flare ups. Life is good.”

“I had my first acupuncture treatment last week and really wish I would have done this sooner! The ache in my back is gone.”

”Bai Shen has been such a success in so many ways for me! Its my new therapy!! Infertility, Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Major Grief all are on the mend. Not to mention a baby girl on the way!!! Shari you have a special gift. Thank you for helping me in so many ways.”

“Due to a severely pulled tendon in my leg, I had lost most of the mobility and usage of that leg. In three sessions, Shari gave me 90% of my mobility back. And with her continued care, I now have full range back in my leg. Thanks Shari.”

“Shari has helped put me on the right track for relief of my digestive issues through acupuncture, diet, and herbal supplements.”

“I began receiving acupuncture treatments years ago for hot flashes. At the time, I was miserable as my flashes occurred hourly. Within a few days of my treatment the flashes greatly diminished. Continued treatments keep my symptoms at a minimum. Shari is extremely caring and professional I would recommend acupuncture and Shari specifically for menopausal symptoms as well as any pain issues.”

“My sciatic nerve pain is almost completely gone, my energy level is up, and I generally feel lighter and clearer. I feel that Shari and I are partners in restoring my well-being.”

“Acupuncture helps keep my body/spirit in balance so that I’m calmer and my immune system works better. I’ve been very pleased with Shari’s presence and her treatments, and I keep going back for monthly ‘tune-ups’.”

“My wife and I use Sharon Miller, of Bai Shen Acupuncture. The last visit was for my wife, though I have been there a couple of times myself. My wife had some shoulder pain, so she scheduled a couple of visits. I go for stress reduction, and things like that. She is very good, and very punctual. She cleared up my wife’s shoulder, and she’s really great. If you need acupuncture, she’s the one to go to. I would go there again.”

For years, I suffered from recurring sinus infections and was experiencing a dull ache on my right cheek that never stopped.  I was also having difficulty dealing with stress.  My sinuses are more clear than they have been in years.  I haven’t had any sinus infections this winter when I usually had about 3.  My emotions are much better with stress more manageable.
It isn’t painful.  It provides lasting effects and helps balance the whole body.  I have been most pleased with the lasting effect of the treatment and the results I have without having to take any medication!  The results far exceeded my expectations.  I had no idea the results would be so dramatic.

Skeptical, that’s what I was.  Skeptical, at best.  September 4, 2006, eleven months into my first true love relationship, my husband was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer.  After surgeries, radiation and platinum based chemotherapy, his body had responded to the cancer but other things had changed/responded as well.  One side effect that he never seemed to be able to kick was muscular and skeletal pain and in 2008/2009, we discovered he was one antibody away from lupus.  During a cruise, he wanted to try acupuncture.  Being the supportive spouse, I told him “go for it” but thought to myself “you can be a pin cushion if you want to but that ain’t for me…while you’re getting poked with pins, I’ll get a hot stone massage”.  He took a few acupuncture treatments on the cruise and when we got back home, he wanted to continue with treatments.  That’s when he found Shari.  During this period of time, my husband was not actively in treatments so you might say he was in full “recovering” mode.  With his acupuncture treatments with Shari at Bai Shen, his pains began to fade.  His blood counts started getting better.  His taste buds started responding and he could taste sweets again.  There were so many positive results from these treatments, my skepticism had completely faded.  Did I understand it?  No, but then again, there are so many things in life that I (and we) don’t, and aren’t meant to understand.  Because of acupuncture, I watched a man come alive and enjoy eating and living again for the remaining days he physically had on this earth.  None of us can run from death but it doesn’t mean we can’t put it off for as long as we can.  I say that to transition into my own experience with acupuncture.  When my spouse died almost two years ago, I might as well have died as well.  Not physically but in every other way.  At 39 years of age, my life had ended, or at least I thought it had.  Depression is just like cancer.  It eats you alive.  Along with some much needed psychotherapy, I worked with Shari and received some treatments myself to try and release and get my life back in balance.  I’m now free of anti-depressants and probably about as “normal” as I’m going to get.  I’ve seen the amazing effects of acupuncture with my own eyes and experienced it for myself.  I encourage you to check out Bai Shen acupuncture, either as a stand-alone service to yourself or in conjunction with western medicine.  You’ll be glad you did!


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