What to expect at your appointment:


The first interview includes filling out an extensive Health History form (can be found below). The practitioner will ask the client multiple questions pertaining to the reason the appointment was scheduled. Also, questions may be asked that seem completely unrelated to the condition but make sense within the principles of Chinese Medicine. The follow-up appointments will also start with an interview, but not nearly as extensive as the first visit.


Chinese Medicine uses two primary means of physical diagnosis. The first is feeling the pulses. This is not the same as the pulse rate taken in Western medicine, however they are located on the wrists. The second is examination of the tongue which shows a snapshot of the internal condition of the body.


Based on the information gathered from the interview and examinations, a group of acupuncture points will be selected for the treatment. The points will be specific to the patient’s condition. Extremely fine gauge, one-time-use sterile needles made of surgical stainless steel (five acupuncture needles fit in one hypodermic needle) will be used for the treatment. Unlike hypodermic needles that cut the skin, acupuncture needles can slide through the skin without cutting. Chinese Herbal Therapy may be suggested to assist in the effectiveness of the treatment. The number of treatments needed depends solely on each individual condition.


Acupuncture Rates

  • First Appointment: $90.00
  • Follow-up Appointments: $70.00

Please print and fill out the following forms before your first appointment with us:

Click Here to Download the New Patient Forms